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Steps in Web Development

by Vasko Nikolov 1 year ago 614 comments

  1. The gathering requirements phase is essentially the preparation stage of the project. This is when I do everything that is necessary to ascertain what your needs are by asking you a series of questions. It is imperative that I completely understand your needs before proceeding to the next stage to ensure we are expecting the same deliverables, of the same quality, delivered at the same time.

  2. Approvals & Agreement documents will be presented from the start, during and at the final stages of the project. Stakeholders and management personnel approve the statement of work and scope statement using a formal sign-off procedure. The signatures acknowledge their acceptance of the requirements and deliverables of the project. Project team members receive copies of the approved documents, which guide the team's work throughout the project. During the course of a project, changes to project stakeholders and project scope may occur. Stakeholders and management personnel approve these changes with a sign-off procedure. Project documentation then is updated to reflect these changes and is distributed to project team members.

  3. Design phase usually does not require any system functionality. In other words, the product does not have to work as it should; it only has to look good to your requirements. During this phase, drawing pictures and creating mock-up screens will show you what it will look like. This will ensure that your completely satisfied with the look and feel of the product before moving on to the next stage, which is the development phase.

  4. Development phase is somewhat technical than design because development entails programming code. In addition to writing code in multiple programming languages and for multiple devices, usually it will be necessary to set up a database, and will need to write more scripts to communicate with and interact with the database. The core programming languages I use for website development are: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL/PostgreSQL/MSSQL, and many more...

  5. Testing phase we start the main testing of the project. All of the parts that need to come together to make a beautiful & functional website. There are many areas that need to be tested repeatedly before your site is ready to launch. When we do our testing we have two sets of eyes in the process. A system defect is called a bug. The process of having more than one person test the system in search of bugs is called quality assurance (QA). If any bugs are found, then we go back to the development team and ask them to fix it. When the bugs are fixed, we ask the testing team to test it again.

  6. Online Delivery is moving your web site files onto the web server. After you have your domain name registered and your hosting service in place, the last step is to upload the website onto the server. We transfer your website to our/your host server using an FTP program. An FTP program is a type of software that is used to move files from one computer to another over the Internet, we will setup this software on to your business/personal computer & show you how you can transfer files to your website. FTP is the acronym for: File Transfer Protocol, this just means that this is a 'way' of moving files.

  7. Maintenance & Support for your web site will need quite frequent updates to keep them fresh, relevant & secure. Bug fixes can be done during the time of maintenance. Once your web site is operational, ongoing backups & promotions, technical maintenance, content management & updating, site visit activity reports, staff training and mentoring is needed on a regular basis, depending on the complexity of your website and the needs within your organisation. For easy website maintenance CMS is right choice. Investing on a CMS like WordPress or Joomla will make your site easy to maintain without much recurring expenditure.

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    2017-10-23 19:35:45

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    2017-10-23 19:35:47

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    2017-10-23 19:35:49

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    2017-10-23 19:35:51

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    2017-10-23 19:35:52

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    2017-10-23 20:10:49

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    2017-10-23 20:10:51

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    2017-10-23 20:10:52

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    2017-10-23 20:10:55

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    2017-10-23 20:10:56

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    2017-10-23 20:10:57

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    2017-10-23 20:10:58

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    2017-10-23 20:11:00

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    2017-10-23 20:11:01

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    2017-10-23 20:21:51

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    2017-10-23 20:21:51

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    2017-10-23 20:21:52

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    2017-10-23 20:21:53

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    2017-10-23 20:21:55

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    2017-10-23 20:21:56

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    2017-10-23 20:21:57

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    2017-10-23 20:21:58

  • Harland

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    2017-10-23 20:22:00

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    2017-10-23 20:29:25

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    2017-10-23 20:29:27

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    2017-10-23 20:29:28

  • Adolfo

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    2017-10-23 20:29:29

  • Julian

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    2017-10-23 20:29:30

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    2017-10-23 20:29:31

  • Lindsay

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    2017-10-23 20:29:33

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    2017-10-23 20:29:35

  • Matthew

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    2017-10-23 20:29:37

  • Raymundo

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    2017-10-23 20:29:37

  • Grover

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    2017-10-23 20:29:38

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    2017-10-23 20:29:39

  • Wilmer

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    2017-10-23 20:29:40

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    2017-10-23 20:29:41

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    2017-10-23 20:29:43

  • Austin

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    2017-10-23 20:29:45

  • Miquel

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    2017-10-23 20:29:46

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  • Raymundo

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    2017-10-23 20:29:50

  • Eric

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    2017-10-23 20:29:51

  • Julio

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    2017-10-23 20:36:49

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    2017-10-23 20:36:52

  • Randy

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    2017-10-23 20:36:54

  • Duane

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    2017-10-23 20:36:57

  • Vicente

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    2017-10-23 20:36:59

  • Avery

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    2017-10-23 20:37:01

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    2017-10-23 20:37:04

  • Seth

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    2017-10-23 20:37:06

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    2017-10-23 20:37:09

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    2017-10-23 20:38:13

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    2017-10-23 20:38:14

  • Carter

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    2017-10-23 20:38:17

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    2017-10-23 20:38:24

  • Demetrius

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    2017-10-23 20:38:25

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    2017-10-23 20:38:27

  • Merrill

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    2017-10-23 20:38:30

  • Russell

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    2017-10-23 20:38:33

  • Mariah

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    2017-10-23 20:38:35

  • Madeline

    What do you do for a living? <a href=" ">shuddha guggulu</a> We provide this community forum for readers to exchange ideas and opinions on the news of the day. Passionate views, pointed criticism and critical thinking are welcome. Comments can only be submitted by registered users. By posting comments on our site, you are agreeing to the following terms:

    2017-10-23 21:01:44

  • Galen

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    2017-10-23 21:01:45

  • Stanton

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    2017-10-23 21:01:48

  • Blair

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    2017-10-23 21:01:50

  • Curtis

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    2017-10-23 21:01:52

  • Grover

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    2017-10-23 21:01:54

  • Jesse

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    2017-10-23 21:01:56

  • Lyman

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    2017-10-23 21:01:59

  • Sergio

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    2017-10-23 21:02:01

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    2017-10-23 21:02:03

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    2017-10-23 21:19:36

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    2017-10-23 21:19:38

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    2017-10-23 21:19:40

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    2017-10-23 21:19:42

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    2017-10-23 21:19:43

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    2017-10-23 21:19:46

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    2017-10-23 21:19:48

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    2017-10-23 21:43:54

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    2017-10-23 21:43:55

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    2017-10-23 21:43:57

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    2017-10-23 21:44:06

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    2017-10-23 21:44:08

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    2017-10-23 21:44:09

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    2017-10-23 21:58:12

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    2017-10-23 21:58:13

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    2017-10-23 21:58:15

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    2017-10-23 21:58:16

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    2017-10-23 21:58:21

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    2017-10-23 21:58:23

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    2017-10-23 21:58:24

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    2017-10-23 21:58:25

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    2017-10-23 21:58:28

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    2017-10-23 21:58:30

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    2017-10-23 21:58:37

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    2017-10-23 21:58:39

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    2017-10-23 21:58:42

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    2017-10-23 21:58:44

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    2017-10-23 21:58:47

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    2017-10-23 22:13:18

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    2017-10-23 22:13:20

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    2017-10-23 22:13:23

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    2017-10-23 22:13:27

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    2017-10-23 22:13:29

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    2017-10-23 22:13:42

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    2017-10-23 22:13:45

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    2017-10-23 22:25:29

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    2017-10-23 22:25:33

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    2017-10-23 22:25:35

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    2017-10-23 22:25:37

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    2017-10-23 22:25:38

  • Refugio

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    2017-10-23 22:25:40

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    2017-10-23 22:25:43

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    2017-10-23 22:25:46

  • Craig

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    2017-10-23 22:25:48

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    2017-10-23 22:25:51

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    2017-10-23 22:27:24

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    2017-10-23 22:27:27

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    2017-10-23 22:27:31

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    2017-10-23 22:27:33

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    2017-10-23 22:27:38

  • Jamal

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    2017-10-23 22:27:41

  • Dennis

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    2017-10-23 22:27:43

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    2017-10-23 22:30:37

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    2017-10-23 22:30:50

  • Stewart

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    2017-10-23 22:30:55

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    2017-10-24 00:38:36

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    2017-10-24 00:38:39

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    2017-10-24 00:38:41

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    2017-10-24 00:38:43

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    2017-10-24 00:38:55

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    2017-10-24 01:06:57

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    2017-10-24 01:07:00

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    2017-10-24 01:23:32

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    2017-10-24 01:23:47

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    2017-10-24 01:23:52

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    2017-10-24 01:23:55

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    2017-10-24 01:24:19

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    2017-10-24 01:36:48

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    2017-10-24 01:36:55

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    2017-10-24 01:37:05

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    2017-10-24 12:40:32

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    2017-10-24 12:40:34

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    2017-10-24 12:40:38

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    2017-10-24 12:40:42

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    2017-10-24 12:40:46

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    2017-10-24 12:40:54

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    2017-10-24 12:40:56

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    2017-10-24 12:41:25

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    2017-10-24 12:41:27

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    2017-10-24 12:41:30

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    2017-10-24 12:41:34

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    2017-10-24 12:41:35

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    2017-10-24 12:41:39

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    2017-10-24 12:41:41

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    2017-10-24 12:41:44

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    2017-10-24 12:41:48

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    2017-10-24 12:41:48

  • Jesus

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    2017-10-24 12:41:52

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    2017-10-24 12:41:57

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    2017-10-24 12:42:02

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    2017-10-24 12:42:05

  • Bryant

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    2017-10-24 12:43:11

  • Armando

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    2017-10-24 12:43:22

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    2017-10-24 12:43:27

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    2017-10-24 12:43:31

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    2017-10-24 15:29:44

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